Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Tuesday Treasures

I found another fun group while blog surfing.
‘Tuesday Treasures’ fairly self explanatory really, on Tuesday you post a pic of a treasure.

Well the first thing to come to mind is the thing I’ve owned all my life, ‘Teddy.’ I actually have a lot of teddies, I love them all & will never have too many, but this little one is the one I would grab first if I could only keep one.

teddy  Now as you can see Teddy’s had a rather tough life. We had a little dog when I was little called Cleo, & Cleo ate Teddy’s ears. Mum fixed the head but it remained fragile & finally just disintegrated, never mind I have a very clear picture of Teddy in my head. You can see I still have the cute little muzzle.

teddy fur

The 2nd pic is not Teddy being bold & mooning you, it’s actually showing you the teeny, tiny little bit of fur still left. I wore the rest away carrying Teddy around & loving it, lol.

If you would like to join in with Tuesday treasures or check out the other people in the group please visit:


Thanks Clare, I’m looking forward to showing the special things in my life each week.


clare's craftroom said...

Jan he looks very well loved and is obviously very special ! Thanks so much for showing us and playing along .

Melody said...

Ahh, poor little teddy, at least he was very well loved.

toni said...

Hi Jan, all teddies should be so loved. My mum threw away my old teddy :o( toni xxx

Ruftybear said...

I thought my teddy was well loved, but yours takes the cake Jan .. lol ...

Jodie said...

I have a doll in very much the same condition, but like you I could never part with her.

Janice said...

Poor Teddy. He has had a rough time. You are so lucky to still have hime.