Friday, 25 February 2011

Colourful Friday – Black & White

Well ok I have to admit I have a distinct advantage here with both a black & white kitten, & a black & white dog. :-)))

b & w pets

Bookends, rather hard to see Molly against the black hearth.

b & w zaphod

Zaphod recuperating after his little ‘op.’ Molly kindly lent him the toy Santa brought her. He actually spent a few days in a large cage in our lounge room while he recovered. Wrestling with Molly was definitely off the agenda. They spent a lot of time playing through the wire & Molly laid on the floor next to the cage. Nights Zaphod sleeps in my sewing room so he had plenty of time & space to stretch his legs.

Now as my sewing room is black & white & aqua there were a few bits & bobs to photograph.

b & w curtain

My gorgeous sewing room curtains!!!

b & w boxes  Boxes of ufo’s, there are tons more………

b & w eiffel2 b & w eiffel

My passion for all things French shows through.

b & w fabric2b & w stereo

Mum sent me money for my 50th last year & what better than this great little sound system to keep me entertained. The little owl is my ‘stick’ with all my fave songs on it.

b & w thingsb & w mugday 2 sleeping

Molly ‘relaxing.’ :-) This was the day after she joined our family, I think she she felt ‘at home’ pretty quickly.

basin P1020273

Byee from Molly & me!!

Please pop over to Daisy Quilts, the home of ‘Colourful Friday’ to see who else is playing this time.

Thanks Robyn!!!


Melody said...

What a fantastic post, especially the photos of your adorable little pets. Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Hi Jan. The animals were just made for this post. Your sewing room must look wonderful with those curtains and storage boxes. Great collection of B & W fabrics, too. Lovely photos.

Robyn G. said...

Ooh yes I do agree... your animals were made for this post!! Perfect and so adorably cute!!
I do your french inspired sewing room... so inviting.
The little owl usb is adorable gorgeous and irresistable!!
A really fun exercise this time... loving seeing what everyone has done.
Happy Colourful Friday!! xx

Carol said...

What a gorgeous selection of black & white.

Rebecka said...

Your photos are great. Your sewing room looks like a fun place to be. Have a great Friday and weekend.

Julie said...

Oh I do love Black and White, you must really love it too to choose your animals to match your decorating style!!!LOL Thanks for sharing!

Pam said...

love your mugrug and the cat in the sink is my favorite shot!!