Friday, 18 February 2011

Some Before & Afters

I’ve been making a few improvements around the house this week. Lot’s more to do, but I’m pleased with the results so far.

Dining Room

before windows after windowscakestand

The windows in the dining room look so much nicer with the lace curtains, I’ve put the same curtains on all the windows in the lounge room too. I saw a pack of ‘repositionable’ stickers the other day & couldn’t resist them.

The dining room table & chairs are in for a makeover next week, watch this space.


I had all blue & white crockery along the mantle & felt like a change. I can see now it looks rather bland so it’s a work in progress. Maybe some bunting?


More stickers, I think they’re cute. :-)

cannisters cannister
I’d been on the lookout for some nice old canisters but they are out of my budget. Spotted these the other day & loved the colours. They came with a large bread one too, which is ideal to store the pet food in.

Sewing Room

windowswindows2 windows3windows4 windows5 windows6 I didn’t take a real before pic here but you can imagine it. Lot’s of boxes piled up waiting to be unpacked & sorted. All done, so I had this cozy little corner in the sewing room to put to good use.

I finally took the curtains up, I know puddling curtains is ‘the look’ but with a dog & a cat they just attract the hair/fur & dust.

In came the round table I hadn’t had a use for, & I have a great place to surf & have a cuppa.

Main Bedroom

 blanket extensiontucked
I’m so sick of the blankets coming untucked all the time. I wish they wouldn’t skimp when they make these things. Anyway I had a brainwave, I bought some sheeting & added it to the bottom of the cotton blankets so now there’s plenty to tuck in.


Of course Zaphod has to be on hand to help make the bed!!!


It will be nice to not have the blankets hanging out the end in the morning.


Karen said...

You have bee busy. Love the new look especially the window treatments. The stickers are great too.

Julie said...

What a delightful blog post, it's like I'm getting a personal tour of your lovely home. Thanks for showing me around.