Tuesday, 12 April 2011


The other day I was surfing around looking for something, I can’t even remember what, when I came across a cute idea for hanging necklaces. It was quite small & actually had the word ‘Necklaces’ cut out of wood. Way too much work so I needed to come up with something that would suit my needs & be quick & easy, so thinking cap on, & I came up with this.


A scrap of pine, painted, with lot’s of nails 1” apart.

I also decided to hang my earrings & bangles on it. I hung them all in colour order, to make life easy, (& because I’m anal, lol), with the earrings to match the necklace hanging above, & voila!!

In the words of Sooty ‘Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!!’

It also looks really pretty as an ‘art’ work. :-))

Op Shop Find

We’ve been checking out the local op shops so ds Rowan can look for records to add to his collection. Of course while I’m there I usually find a treasure. :-)

I nearly always find a book or 3 to add to my collection & quite often a pretty glass dish or bowl. We were just leaving the Salvos the other day when i spotted this.

op shop

Dh was suitably unimpressed, lol, but even he had to admit it was quite nice after I washed it. It was a bit dull but it turned out it was really dirty & after a gentle handwash it came to life.

op shop close

I’d recently thought I’d like to start collecting knitting needles so I’d been keeping an eye out for some in the op shops. I hadn’t had much luck then a friend posted a gorgeous pic on her facebook page of her knitting needle collection all beautifully displayed in her antique (electric) jug collection. This spurred me on & I picked up a few needles. I mentioned my latest interest to Mum & she said she had some knitting needles a friend had given her & she’d send them down. WOW!!! look what arrived!!!!

needles from Nana

This certainly kick starts my collection. Note the gorgeous bundle of tortoiseshell needles!!! Now I need to find some pretty containers to store them in. Maybe some fabric covered tins would be nice………….

I put the rubber bands on to sort them into colours but I won’t leave them on as they’d deteriorate & stick to the needles.


Sweet Pea said...

Jan just love your jewelry display...what a great idea, do I spot a dragonfly amongst the collection?
Also I now feel spurred on to colour co-ordinate my knitting needles. Usually I store them in a glass spaghetti jar, hidden at the bottom of the linen press! Dare I put them on display?
I inherited my mother-in-law's knitting needle and crochet hook collection a few years ago 'cause none of my sisters-in-law knit or crochet.

Diann said...

Your jewelry display board is clever, cute and practical. A real winner.

I display knitting needles in tall vases. You might consider that, it looks good and you can take the needles out temporarily when you need the vase for flowers

Jan Quigley said...

Thanks Sweat Pea, yes you did spy a dragonfly or two. I will do a dragonfly pic soon. I've been so busy making pressies lately......
Yes get your knitting needles out & put them on display they'll look great.
Thanks Diann, it works having my jewellery out where I can see it instead of stored in drawers as it was. I think you're right about glass vases for the knitting needles. I know IKEA have some nice ones I'll have to wait until my next trip there.

Ozjane said...

What sort of records does DS collect.
I have been going to inquire is they are sale-able or give able or something.
Also I cannot see pictures of Jewellery or knitting needles.......are they there or am I blind? Two rugs only....

Jan Quigley said...

Hi Ozjane, Rowan is collecting an LP's or singles of bands he likes. Mostly 60's & 70's stuff at the moment. Most of the records in the op-shops are a lot older than that, the sort of stuff my parents had, lol.
The pictures have been working fine but just today some aren't showing up on a couple of posts. Not sure what that's about, some sort of glitch.