Thursday, 21 April 2011

An Unexpected Grand Day Out

Friday night I had a phone call from my friend Lynne, ‘Would I like to go to the Australian Quilt Convention in the city the next day?’ I knew the show was on but had ruled it out as too far away, ugh I hate agoraphobia!!!! Anyway Lynne wasn’t going until midday, which is far more doable than early morning for me, so I said I’d think about it. I woke up the next morning & thought bugger it, I’m going!!!!

I drove up to Lynne’s & her dh drove us into town & dropped us at the door. First up I couldn’t believe how gorgeous the building is.


I took lots of pics of the quilts & here are a few of my faves. I hope the owners don’t mind me sharing them.

I loved this quilt & took close-ups to see the detail.mushroom
mushroomclose mouse

What a work of art!!!


I guess our veggie patch triggered my appreciation of this lovely quilt.

van gogh green mandress

As always I was drawn to the pictorial quilts. There were also some beautiful quilts with pictorial blocks but I couldn’t do them justice showing a tiny pic.

Of course Lynne & I also forced ourselves to look at all the quilt vendors. :-)))))

I’ve been drawn to the ‘Bliss’ range of fabrics. I’ve seen quite a few projects using them on other blogs & I really, really wanted some so I was on the look-out. I asked at a couple of likely stands but they’d sold-out, then I got lucky. A lovely 10 pack of fq’s & a jelly roll.

Plus this yummy little charm pack.


I also bought this beautiful book I’d seen online, & I managed to pick up a couple of Quilting Arts specials at bargain prices. All in all a great day.

Thanks Lynne :-)))


Karen said...

I am so pleased you went in, if only to enjoy the Royal Exhibition buildings. The restoration work is wonderful! I agree, the quilts were great and loved all the stall holders there, too.

Jan Quigley said...

Thanks Karen, I'm so glad I went too.It's so nice to see such a beautiful building. When we lived in Sydney I loved to visit the Queen Victoria Building, especially at Christmas time.

susanawee said...

Thankyou for sharing Jan - as you so rightly comment....those quilts are real works of art.
It was great to be able to overcome your Agraphobia, if only for a short time....Good on You...!!!!! Sue/QDU