Friday, 16 September 2011

It Wasn’t My Fault

Well it started out innocently enough, we needed to go to Aldi to buy  some mince for tea. Well it just so happened there are 2 op shops close to Aldi, so we thought we might as well have a squizz while we’re in the area. Now I had already told myself I needn’t bother looking at the books coz I don’t have room for anymore, & I’ve bought so many lately that are waiting to be read. But then I remembered I’d been on the look out for another Kate Morton book coz I really enjoyed ‘The Shifting Fog,’ so I’d just have a quick look at the books. Yes well how did I know they’d have so many good books, so cheap. I finished reading Pride & Prejudice (again) last night, so I’m spoilt for choice for tonight!!!

books sep

Luckily the IKEA catalogue came last week & I saw this great idea.

So I added ‘build bookshelves for over the windows’ to our very long list of things to do. I also want one of these gorgeous lounges, though I don’t have anywhere to put it. Winking smile

When I told dd Emma we planned to put bookshelves over the windows I said, it’ll be so………………. claustrophobic? was her answer, no the word I was looking for was cozy, lol.


Karen said...

You can never have too many book shelves. Just look at all the books you just bought. Go for it!
It actually works quite well. In a previous house we built shelves around a window and it looked great.

Jan Quigley said...

Never a truer word was spoken Karen, you can never have too many bookshelves!!!! I think it will look really cool, we have high ceilings , for the first time ever, & I just hate wasted space. ;-)

Kate quilts... said...

I adore Mary Wesley books. The Vacillations of Poppy Carew is one of my favourites and I've also got an IKEA bookcase "library wall" or two) on my to-do list. Great minds, Jan. :)