Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I’d noticed a couple of the lovely ladies whose blogs I follow are singing the praises of Pinterest, so I had to have a look. Oh it’s wonderful!!!! Finally somewhere to store all the fabulous pics I find online. I usually have tons of tabs open, so I can look back at yummy things I’ve found, now I can just add them to my boards. What’s even better is I can go to the Pinterest pic, click on it, & it takes me back to where the pic came from.

I don’t have tons of pics on my boards yet but I’ve only just started. I’ve added a tab to the side which will hopefully take you to my boards so you can have a squizz.


Cottage Tails said...

Oh good on you! It i sooo fun - what I like the most is I never remember where I see things I like. NOW you pin it & you can get back to original source.
Love Leanne

Jan Quigley said...

You & me both Leanne & the amount of time you waste looking for something could be spent looking for new stuff, lol.

Banaghaisge said...

What a wonderful time waster Pinterest is! MUCH better than bookmarking or having 20 windows open (who? me??). I have spent a lot of time on there.BTW, the link didn't work -tho that might be cos I am snuggled into bed with The Sweetheart's new iPad...lovely. And I have a link on my blog to my Pinterest boards, too. Love your old caravan and all the lovely old treasure's you have found for her. Hugs Jasmine

Banaghaisge said...

aaaaggghhh, apologies for the errant apostrophe in that post...shamed head hanging low!!