Monday, 19 September 2011

Samsung are Bastards - Big Whinge with Bad Language

Emma gave Paul a Samsung telephone for Father’s Day. It was locked to Telstra so she paid to have it unlocked so he could use his current SIM card. It was to be unlocked on Monday, the day after Father’s Day. On Monday Paul put his sim card in & found it wasn’t unlocked but he was able to look at the features of the phone, until it froze. Emma rang to see why it hadn’t been unlocked to be told it would now be done the following Friday. Friday came & went & the middle of the following week they finally provided the unlock code. So Paul put his sim card in to find the phone was still ‘frozen’ so he couldn’t use the unlock code. He rang Telstra, oh you‘ll have to take it to a Telstra shop.

We spent 1 hour in the Telstra shop but they couldn’t unfreeze it, we’d have to take it to a Samsung service centre. Oh how convenient just 40 mins away. So as Paul was working in the area today he took it there. Oh yes we can unlock it but it will cost you $55!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!! So although Paul is a normally a very mild mannered person, he’d had enough. There was a big sign that said “Customer Service’ so he pointed to it & asked does that mean you serve the customer or you tell them to shove it up their arse????? Oh we are here to serve, YEAH for $55!!!!! So he told them they could shove it up their arse. I wish I’d been there.

So the moral of the story is DON’T EVER BUY A SAMSUNG PRODUCT. & as for Telstra. well we already know what a bunch of $@#*%s they are.


Lindi said...

Oh, I'm so sad you had such a bad experience. I got my Samsung Galaxy S on a deal with Optus 12 months ago and I have been absolutely happy with it.

Jan Quigley said...

What's really annoying is that this could have been fixed so easily. Paul rang Samsung, they said bring it in & we'll unfreeze it. It was only when he got there they demanded $55 to do it. Not happy Jan!!!

Sweet Pea said...

Jan, try the telco ombudsman...usually works...telcos don't like it when they become involved. It's easy to let something like this pass, and say: it's only $55 (which the young people do so often) but times that by 100s or even 1000s and the telco is making squillions by deception. This makes my blood boil! Good Luck!