Saturday, 10 January 2009

Dear Jane (Marple)

I’m not sure what year I started these blocks but luckily they were always meant to be a long term project. I’m glad that chat has turned to Dear Jane on the QDU list as I’m now very motivated to add some more blocks to the collection. After all, I was looking for something else to do, the ATC & postcard swaps plus the several dozen ufo’s & wip’s I have aren’t keeping me busy enough. ROFLOL.

When asked what I wanted for Christmas I said more time but I think an extra pair of hands would help too.

Now the ‘Dear Jane Marple’ was the brilliant suggestion of Vikki on QDU. Vikki is also working in 30’s prints & came up with the idea while watching a Miss Marple movie. I’m a big Agatha Christie fan & have always had a soft spot for Miss Marple, so from now on they are my Dear Jane Marple blocks. Thanks Vikki, for a great idea :-)


I keep my blocks in a display folder, the one with the plastic pages to keep then neat & clean. It’s also nice to flick through for motivation.

I think I’ll buy a set of these folders so I can put different colour blocks in each folder, then I might not end up with 200 blue blocks & 3 yellow, lol.



My blocks so far. I draft each pattern & all are handpieced.
I’m not necessarily going to do all the original Dear Jane blocks.
I’m adding blocks I like & drafting them to size.



A cute butterfly I pieced years ago, I may incorporate it into the finished quilt.


Lindi said...

They are lovely blocks. I really like it in 30s fabrics - very pretty and fresh.

ladyfrou said...

Oh... these are lovely... makes me want to work on some of mine... but I can't - must concentrate on Morrell Quilt particularly as I bought $100 of red and green fabric for more blocks today! Vikki

Julie said...

Your blocks are really beautiful! I particularly love the butterfly block. So glad you are feeling motivated again, you in turn will motivate me just looking through your work! Thanks!

Linda said...

Molly your blocks are divine and you have inspired me to start making my own Dear Jane Marple blocks.

Ruftybear said...

Looks like a project for one of our get togethers!! ... Got room for another sewing machine? .. lol ..