Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A lovely surprise!!!

I’ve been inspired ever since I saw Shnoodle’s blog last year. Shnoodle is a young lady in Washington who used a block-a-day calendar to literally make a block a day, every day last year.

I visited the blog again this year & suddenly decided that although I probably couldn’t produce a block a day, I’d love to have a calendar & perhaps make a block a week. Of course by the time I decided this it was mid January & my chances of finding said calendar were slim. I searched, bought a lovely quilt calendar with a quilt a month but no luck with the block a day.

Anyway, yes there is a point to my rambling. Today a parcel arrived from my #1 son Simon. He’d told me he’d bought me a Christmas pressie & that he’d post it when he got settled again, he’s been travelling around the UK. Now back in Canada he’d sent it. Can you guess what it was, YES a block a day calendar. Did I tell him I wanted one, no, this was totally out of the blue!!!!

Can you tell I’m excited. :-)))))


We’re all a bit flat here at the moment, our much planned & looked forward to move to Berwick (Melbourne) is on hold. This week is low as tomorrow should be ds#2’s first day in his new school, instead it’s back to the same old routine of busruns. I’d planned to frequent the local quilt shops, yes there are two in Berwick, there are none here. We would have been close to our dd Emma & to my dear friend Lynne.

So a surprise gift of something I really, really wanted has cheered me up. I’ve been throwing myself into lots of sewing as a distraction & it’s certainly helped but some days……………………….



Today, cute!!!!


Jenny F said...

Wow It was meant to be. How exciting... Can't wait to see the results :)
Jenny F

Auntie Jappa said...

How fantastic! What a good boy he is!!!! And you can start it from the end of Jan and make it through to Jan 2010, dont stress about catching up on the rest of this year!
Rowan's work looks ace too, how clever.

Ruftybear said...

WOW ... must be an ESP thing you have going Jan. It's great. Maybe you can catch up with the blocks while Rowan is at camp ....

Julie said...

How perfect was that! You couldn't have asked for a better gift!