Tuesday, 6 January 2009

House Pictures

We recently had our house on the market, here are some of the professional photos that were taken. Due to circumstances beyond our control our planned move to Melbourne is on hold.




family kitchen

The kitchen/family room. We tend to live in this room.
The French door leads into the sunroom.


The lounge/dining room. I’ve since hung an Antique blue & white pinwheel quilt on the wall behind the dining suite.
Notice the rug looks like a quilt.

There’s a dollhouse on the right of the picture. Miniatures are another of my passions. I’ll take some pics of it & add them. It’s a 30’s house with miniature quilts to suit.
I’ve also built a mini quilt shop & classroom.


Rowan’s room, with the Harry Potter quilt in place.


My sewing room, which has changed considerably since this pic was taken. The screen which hid a double bed is gone as is the bed & all my fabric shelves are now where they were. There are also too many boxes of stuff waiting to be sorted & put away.

It’s a great place to sew as it’s actually a bedsit, so I have a kitchenette & ensuite & can spend the day out there without being distracted by housework, lol.

When it is all sorted I will take pics.
I go out to sort stuff & get side tracked & start sewing. :-)


Julie said...

You have a beautiful home!

Anonymous said...

love your place, it looks like you are in Brisbane? Well I am