Friday, 9 January 2009

My ‘babies.’


My lovely Simon, who is currently in the UK, but headed back to Canada soon. He’s been living in Ottawa since last January.

emma & lisa

My sweety Emma on the left with her friend Lisa.
This was taken 20 years ago!!!!
I will scan in her Year 12 formal photos, the last I have as she is camera shy!!!

year 6 farewell

Rowan at his Year 6 Farewell Dinner Disco in December.

Wow, what a swish night, they didn’t do
anything like this when I was at school.
Oh dear! I sound like my mother, back in the old days………………….

year 6 farewell tables

year 6 farewell tables2

When I first walked in I thought they were hosting the Logies!!!

It was brilliant, the kids came through the arch of balloons on the red carpet with their best friends to be presented.

year 6 farewell cakes

The tower of cakes!!!!

The theme of the evening was ‘The Stars of 2008.’

year 6 presentation

Last day of Year 6.
My baby starts High School this year!!


Quigles said...

I'm not a baby, Mum!

Ruftybear said...

You're always going to be your mum's baby Quigles . lol .