Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Do you ever get so motivated you just don’t know what to work on???? That’s how I am at the moment & it’s exhausting, but loads of fun.

I think it started when I did the stitchery for the ‘Stitch Round the Block’ round robin I’m in. I remembered how much I love to do stitcheries. I finished the centre then wanted something else to stitch so I stitched this garland, it’s a Rosalie Quinlan design. I made a few tiny changes. I plan to make this a panel on a bag.


Then I came across some fabrics Paul gave me for Xmas last year & decided it was time to do something with them. I decided on a simple lap quilt, ten 5” squares by ten, 5” squares. I chose the fabrics & cut the squares. Now I don’t have a design wall anymore so decided the next best thing would be to lay a sheet on the floor & arrange the squares on it. Good idea huh???? Not if you have a crazy spoodle.

Unfortunately i didn’t take a before pic.

molly mess

molly & puppy 

Apparently my neatly arranged squares looked like the perfect place for a wrestling match with ‘puppy.’

So I picked them all up & had a rethink.

pink lap

The pink strawberries will be the outer border, the bright pink the 1” inner border & the binding. It looked a little boring so I decided to add some stitchery blocks. I’m going to redo the garland, above, & add some of Bronwyn Hayes Catalicious blocks.

brutus on chair

Here’s one I’ve started.

Now this really should be enough to go on with, but in the meantime, I discovered the most fabulous blog & have decided to decorate an area of the back verandah in this style.

I’ll blog about that tomorrow. :-)

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