Thursday, 11 November 2010

Jan loves Happy loves Rosie

HAPPY LOVES ROSIE, this is my favouritist blog, I’m sure that’s a word. :-)

& when I saw what she’d done with this dinky little caravan I was smitten!!!!

I showed it to Rowan & now he’s all grown up at 14, the usual answer is ‘meh.’ Which I translate as ‘yeah whatever, don’t care,’ but this time he forgot himself & said ‘That’s so cool.’ Yay breakthrough!!!

So first up I searched for cute little caravans to do up, then realised that as our back yard is tiny & totally inaccessible to a caravan, unless it’s 1:12 scale, it probably wasn’t one of my better ideas to buy a cute little caravan to do up. Then it hit me, we have a lovely back verandah/deck in our new home just crying out to be tarted up.

Paul, who has learned to just glaze over, smile & nod at my ideas, did just that so I took that as ‘What a wonderful idea darling, I’d love to help you do that.’ Lol.


We just happened to be going to Bunnings so I grabbed some paint swatches to use to match things to. The colours are much more vibrant than they show in the pic.

I already have a nice old cane setting with the darker blue cushions, that we nearly didn’t bring with us, which will fit in nicely. I need to make lots of bright cushions, paint up a few old bits of furniture & I’m on my way. There’s even an outside power point for a kettle. I know this is going to be a lovely spot to sit & sew or read.

I feel a trip to Tyabb antiques coming up. :-)

back deck before

Before, I hope after won’t be toooo far away.


Jenny said...

Thanks Jan, for showing us the interesting blog about the vintage caravan. What a little beauty, so cute.

Fran C said...

The van is not my thing couldn't stay in the are for more than a few minutes, good idea if you have the space. Love your verandah area Jan that will may a lovely area for quiet stitching.