Friday, 19 November 2010

Colourful Friday Brown

I can’t say that brown is one of my fave colours however I do have some things I love that just happen to be brown.

brown teapot

I’ve had this gorgeous little teapot cottage for many years. I was helping on the Mother’s Day stall when Simon was in Kindy & I spotted this in one of the boxes of donated items. I asked if we were allowed to put things aside for our children to buy & the immediate answer was ‘What is it?’ I held up the teapot & was told, ‘No worries, put it aside for Simon.’ I’m guessing it didn’t appeal to anyone else, lol.

brown sewer

How cool is this little sculture? It’s all washers & nuts & bits & bobs. I love it.

brown buttons  Lots of brown buttons as I don’t tend to use them much.

brown spinning wheel

My old spinning wheel, it needs a bit of work!!! I learnt to spin at the The Rocks in Sydney in the late 70’s. I loved the area so much we had our wedding & reception there.

brown dresser

This lovely old dresser was painted white when we bought it, it looks much nicer back to it’s original wood.

brown hatbox

This old hatbox belonged to my Mum’s lovely neighbour Verna.

One of my fave brown things. YUM!


Bev C said...

Hello Jan,

Oh I would love to come to your home with all those old items,love the job you did on the dresser. Now I know where to go to get a brown button,maybe a button jar mini quilt is on the cards. Happy Colourful Friday.

Karen said...

Hi Jan.
Thanks for making sure there was chocolate involved in today!!
Love your brown collection. Such a quirky teapot. It looks great. And the little sculpture is fascinating too. Always love buttons.
It's great to see another spinning wheel and you have also reminded me that I have a hat box somewhere.

NessaKnits said...

That is one unusual teapots! What is it made of? You can bundle up all those beautiful brown buttons and send them my way!

Melody said...

Great pictures. You have a wonderful button collection.

Anonymous said...

Love all your buttons :-)
Have a great day

Anonymous said...

...lovely brown buttons!!

Carol said...

All of your objects look really interesting.