Thursday, 18 November 2010

Yummy Fabrics

I recently realised that I don’t actually like quite a lot of my stash, after all I started buying quilting fabric in 1990 & my taste has changed a lot in that time. I sold off a lot of fabric before we moved, but obviously not nearly enough.

Now I could sit with my head in my hands over the whole sorry situation or I could do something about it. I’ve decided to do something about it, the obvious thing, go out & buy fabric I do like. :-)))

Here are some I picked up today.


Aren’t they just yummy? Nice & bright which is what I really love these days. I also like nice clear pastels, what I really don’t like is anything muted or dull.

Not all of these are quilting fabrics, but that’s ok, because I’m going to make mug rugs & placemats out of them to add some colour to our currently bland house. I know we’re all supposed to love neutrals but I don’t, they’re dull & boring. I want to look around me & see pretty colours, they energize me & make me smile. Brown, taupe & beige don’t, they just make me say ‘BLAH!!!’ Even dh, who said he’d had enough painting, said today we need to paint the foyer & our bedroom, so the bland is getting to him too.

As far as my stash goes, I need to go through every container of fabric, I have 1 for each colour, & take out the yuck & pack it away. Maybe in a year or two I’ll fancy subdued, though I doubt it. :-)

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Karen said...

I love your attitude, Jan. What a great idea. Keep what you like, throw out the rest, then buy more! Brilliant!!