Friday, 26 November 2010

Colourful Friday - Silver

Silver, well it even crossed my mind I might have to skip this week’s colour coz I don’t have a lot of silver but then I started noticing things………

silver thimble silver tin silver bobbins silver candles

A couple of pics from Yule 2009. I’m using the same colours this year for the lounge room, it will be fun decorating the new house.

silver wreath silver tray

If you haven’t joined in before think about giving it a go, you wander around your house & start to notice things you probably haven’t looked at for quite some time & it’s a very nice experience. :-)

Here’s the link if you’d like to pop over & see what others have posted for ‘Colourful Friday.’

A quick note: I ‘LOVE’ getting comments but haven’t been keeping up lately with replies, sorry. I started out replying via the comments then switched to emailing privately. I found some of these emails bounce so I’m going to go back to replying in the comment section. That way I’m sure the reply goes through. :-)))


Jenny said...

Hi Jan

So you did have silver after all, didn't you! I was wondering how long this colourful Friday theme has been going, and have you run out of colours yet?


Karen said...

Lovely silver collection, Jan.
Love the Christmas decorations. Have a wonderful time decorating in your new home!

Melody said...

Great silver things at your place. I've fallen behind with my replies too, life is just too hectic.

Anonymous said...

Great silver pics. Have fun decorating your new exciting :-)

Robyn G. said...

Hiya Jan,
I know what you mean... I didn't know what silver I might find... an interesting and fun challenge this week.
Love your pics!!

Carol said...

Very pretty. Love the decorations.

Bev C said...

Hello Jan,

Each blog I look at I find another item of silver that I have missed,your thimble. Of course I have one of those.I am sure you will have a tonne of fun decorating your new home.
You will love reading Maeve Binchy. Interesting that the card fell out with your daughters name on it.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Lois said...

It is always a surprise when you start looking around for the color posted for colorful Fri. There is so much we just don't notice. Love Lois

Anonymous said...

some of my favourite things...silver stars, silver thimble and silver your pictures!