Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hi! Come on in. :-)


Hmm two doors to decorate this year. I only had one wreath so I cheated & wrapped a garland around to form the 2nd wreath. It does need a few more deckies.


Well this is a pretty way to get rid of the cream bland that is our foyer. It will be turning a lovely shade of green in the New Year to cheer it up.


Traditional red & green for the foyer, as I don’t use it in the lounge & I have some cute red & green things12 days of xmas

I painted this 12 Days of Christmas wreath in a previous life when we had a folk art business. If you’ve spotted the 5 golden rings are missing they were glued to the holly leaves but fell off. It’s a matter of having the wreath, rings & glue all in the same place at the same time.


We had to be a little inventive with the Lemax this year. We ended up arranging what we could fit around the TV.

lemax2mantle close

We went with aqua, silver & white again this year. This is the first time I’ve ever had a mantle to decorate. I’m a little concerned the stars on wire look a little like barbed wire, lol. I’ll give it a day or two to see if it works.


I pinched this idea from Myer last year. I noticed they went with it again this year.         traymobile


The tree, I love my white tree!!!!!!

tree lit

& lit.
Love the blue lights, it looks stunning in the dark, very icy.

wall hangings

My blue Christmas wall hangings, wish I had more but it’s a bit late to start making more for this year.


FlourishingPalms said...

Your tree and ornaments are so pretty! And that you're making quilted, color-coordinated wall hangings too... that's amazing! They're really wonderful. You've really put some thought into this, ahead of time, and it's working! Very nice.

Karen said...

You are looking very festive!!
Gorgeous decorations and I do love the white tree. It is stunning.
I think your wall hangings are wonderful and look great together in a row.
Beautiful decorating!!!

Jenny said...

Lovely!! Thanks for showing your decorations. I like to put things out fairly early as we are usually away over Christmas so I want to enjoy them. Plus I decorate the caravan too.

You have made your blog Christmassy too, it looks great.

Ozjane said...

Love the decorations and you remind did going into my spare room just then, that I have not yet done the wreath bit. Am tempted to get some of those green florist thingies...... yep they do have a name and so do I but sometimes we forget.
Thanks also for the tutorial...I had it saved somewhere from when I saw it elsewhere but it may save my bacon in making something for some small ones in the two places where I am spending Christmas. Oh to be left in peace in bed but it rather upsets folk.

Julie said...

I love your yule decorations! They look delightful, makes my home seem quite bare in comparison!

Jan Quigley said...

Thanks everybody!!! I'm still tweaking things & took advantage of both Spotlight & Lincraft having 50% off all their Xmas things to pick a few more bits & bobs. I like to decorate close to the 1st December so I get to enjoy everything for as long as possible.