Friday, 24 December 2010

Perfect Christmas Guests

I thought it would be fun to choose all the people I would like at my Christmas Table. Now I’m sticking with people who are still with us, otherwise I’d need a very large table. :-)

So here goes:Paul Quigley

simon on boat emma day 1c 

nana DSC03106dec 2010 lunchyes

First up would be my family, dh Paul, ds Simon, dd Emma, ds Rowan, my Mum, my nephew Shayn & his wife Yun-Mi & of course Molly who just happens to love turkey & ham.

weasleys in egypt cropped

Then it would be the entire Weasley family.
Molly might even give me of her knitted goodies. :-)

Kirsty Allsopp of course, she’s so much fun & we could potter around in my sewing room after lunch. & of course Phil Spencer. :-)

For entertainment it would have to be Kate Rusby, I love her music.

Ok now we need some eye candy.

David Tennant, the best Dr Who.

Colin Firth, swoon, Mr Darcy.

Oh dear staring to get quite warm in here isn’t it???

Ok dh says he needs some eye candy too.

The beautiful & ageless Joanna Lumley.

Time for some comic relief.

Magic moments: <i>Kath & Kim</i>.

Kath & Kim & Sharon.

Oh &

Catherine Tate, she is brilliant, & she cracks me up.

Rowan has chosen:

Harry & Hermione.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten people, I’ll just have to invite them next year. :-)))

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Cottage Tails said...

LOL What a Christmas table that would be.

Have a lovely day.

Love Leanne