Thursday, 23 December 2010

GF Gingerbread House

I often read out things I find on blogs. Usually nobody’s really interested in the great new bag tutorial I’ve just found or how beautifully someone has decorated their tree, but sometimes they take notice. Ds Rowan does enjoy the cute pics of people’s pets, so do I, & the other day dh Paul was impressed with the idea of baking a gingerbread house & here are the results. All his own work & it’s gluten free. We’ve never had a gingerbread house before that I could eat. :-)

gingerbread house4 gingerbread house1  gingerbread house3

There was some mixture left over so he then made some mini gingerbread cookies. We’ve eaten quite a few of those so I can state they are yummy. More cakey than biscuity & very moreish!!!


The recipe came from here, he simply substituted White Wings Gluten Free flour for the normal flour.

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