Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Sewing & Antiques & Bears, Oh My!!!

tablecloth meakin teddy

Well I did intend posting earlier but I got caught up with last minute gift shopping & gift sewing. I’d love to be one of those people who are organised but it seems I only get ideas at the last minute, so then I have to rush around in a mad panic to make it all happen.

We have been working on the new verandah area, it’s still a work in progress but here is a sneak peek.

back deck before



After :-)


Here’s a close-up of the tablecloth top. I planned to quilt in the ditch but have decided to simply tie it & do some hand quilting. I’m finding it harder & harder to sit for long at the sewing machine, it kills my neck & shoulders.

I have several cushions planned & look forward to getting started on them.

lap quilt

I’m also working on this lap quilt as it’s been quite chilly here lately so I’m sure it will be put to good use. It looks a little insipient in the pic, it’s not quite so pastel.

Close-ups of the stitchery panels.garland

teapot cat cane lounge cattree cat

chair cat


Last Saturday dd Emma came down & we checked out another antique centre. WOW it was great, we were there for hours, just ask Rowan, lol.

I found a few treasures I had to have.doiley


This lovely little embroidered doiley, complete with cute little black dog.


A pretty little pink Meakin bowl.

chenille bedspread chenille bedspread close

I couldn’t resist this beautiful blue & white chenille bedspread. I had a pretty pink floral one when I was a kid & I loved it. We finally have a warm, sunny day today so I washed it this morning. It was clean but I just love the look & feel freshly laundered bedding.

I even picked up some quilt magazines & an Ondori bag book. We also bought a beautiful cupboard, pics when it is delivered.



I found the perfect pressie for Mum yesterday, I’d bought her a range of dvd’s & a pair of jammies but needed that special thing. Then I spotted this little handmade bear. Isn’t she gorgeous??? She even has her own little teddy.


I’ve been watching all the Kirstie Allsopp shows on the  Lifestyle Channel lately, I LOVE Kirstie. I noticed she had a pretty garland in her kitchen with red & white decs. I remembered I had a garland I hadn’t put up, so while her show was still on, my garland was up & decorated. :-)

door garland


Linda said...

Your verandah looks so pretty! I can't imagine how nice it would be to put up a Christmas tree outdoors, AND be able to sit out to enjoy it! If you did that at my house right now, you'd be "enjoying" -8 C !
I especially like the bunting above the tree. Did you make that too? It's all looking very nice.

Jan Quigley said...

Thanks Linda, our weather has been very cold & wet of late so I haven't enjoyed too much time out there with the tree. Today is lovely though & I'm about to take a cuppa & some cupcakes out to enjoy it. -8 brrrr, it's the same for my son who lives in Ottawa, I don't know how he does it after growing up in a warm climate.
Yes I did make the bunting it's so quick & easy. I love bunting & plan to make more.

Julie said...

Everything look so lovely, I love seeing your inspiring blog posts, it makes me want to get up and get into it!!!!!!

Karen said...

Lots of wonderful sewing.
I love the before and after shots of your verandah. It looks wonderful. Just great for a pleasant summer evening.

Jan Quigley said...

Thanks Julie, it's other people's blogs that motivate me & I do enjoy yours. I've done a lot of sewing lately & have so many more things lined up. :-)
It's very pretty out there in the evening Karen as we put fairy lights all around. I love having a cuppa out there.