Friday, 14 January 2011

A Good Idea???

I’m one of those people who tends to spread stuff in every direction when I’m working so I thought it would be a good idea to try & stop the spread when I go to my quilt group. I thought a drawstring bag might do the trick but not one with a base & sides, one made like the little ones made to hold jewellery etc with lot’s of internal pockets. For once I decided to give it a go without too much agonising & I set to work. I thought about taking pics as I went along so if it worked I could post a tutorial but decided it against it thinking if it did work I’d make another for a friend & take pics then.

It started well, & I really thought it was going to work, until I actually tried to draw it up. There was to much fabric to draw up tight & the sides were too short to meet well at the top, lol.

drawstring work bagdrawstring work bag2drawstring work bag opendrawstring work bag open2 

The next day I added the purple fabric & it has helped but it still doesn’t draw up tight. Never mind I think it will do the job so I’ll try it at the next meeting. At least Zaphod likes the ribbon. :-)


I kept thinking about the lovely wool I bought on sale last week & I kept thinking I really should have bought more so yesterday, as we were out anyway, I headed back to Spotlight & bought a heap more. I bought more of the colours I’d already bought & added a few new ones.  I’m getting so much inspiration from Attic 24 blog
& I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into some crocheting this winter.

stitchin round the block3Currently I’m working on round 3 of the Stitchin’ Round the Block round robin. Our group decided as things got busy towards Xmas we’d aim to finish it off in January. I’m glad we did, as there is quite a bit of work involved. Mind you, they are turning out very nicely & I’m glad I joined the challenge.

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