Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Happy Australia Day!!!

Ta-da my Australia Day mantlepiece!!

oz day5oz day1 oz day2 oz day3 Our fave Aussie books & DVD’s + Rowan’s Aussie beanie bears. The pic in the star frame is Rowan at the Sydney Paralympics in 2000 & yes he’s holding the Olympic flame.
We put the Vegemite back in the fridge after the shot was taken. :-) & yes I know some people keep it in the cupboard but we like it cold.

I hope you’re all enjoying the day, we’re doing our usual, lazing on the lounge & watching tv. I’ve started making a ‘Lucy’ Attic 24 crochet bag. The base is not a nice flat circle but I’m hoping it will be ok. Pics later if it turns out. :-))

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