Monday, 23 February 2009

Bits ‘n’ Bobs

Well I got my room straight again after a week or so of feverishly sewing strips, strips & yet more strips. The stack of blocks are now sitting waiting, a little impatiently, for me to source some nice quality purple homespun to join them together. I checked out Lincraft today & although they had a nice ‘colour’ purple the homespun itself was not nice, it felt more like headcloth, course rather than nice & smooth. I wouldn’t buy homespun from the other store after a bad experience with it a few years back. I used their navy homespun to sash a really special quilt, a set of swap blocks from my online family of quilters. I’d actually handquilted a half dozen or so blocks when it got put aside for something else, the story of my life. Anyway, when I pulled it out again to continue the homespun had faded even though it was in a cupboard. It was a horrible patchy mess so it went back in the cupboard until I could come up with a solution. In the end I bought a new sashing fabric & carefully unpicked all the sashing, queen size quilt, & replaced it all without having to undo the hand quilting. A little tricky but I got there.

So the blocks are on hold until I find the right fabric, maybe a marble might be the answer because they are usually a nice quality. I’d hoped to get to the Newcastle Craft Show, which was on over the weekend, & look there, but things don’t always go as planned.


In the meantime I made an ATC over the weekend for a birthday swap. I tried something different this time. The flowers are made with a foam stamp, I dipped it in water, took off the excess water than coloured the stamp with a water soluble oil pastel. I added a little detail with a watercolour pencil, embroidered them & added a few extra bits.

 Simon's beanie

This is a beanie I knitted to send to DS#1 Simon. He’s been living in Canada for over a year now & it gets a tad cool there!!! It was his 27th birthday last week so I knitted this & bought some very thick sox to send. Rowan bought him a Hawaiian shirt which might have to wait until Summer to make an appearance. He was off to California for a week or 2 to celebrate his birthday so I decided to wait until he got back to post. The postal service to Canada is not great so I didn’t want anything to go astray.

I really enjoyed knitting the beanie so I bought some more wool & started another one. The 2nd one is a variegated green. I sit for an hour at tennis & an hour at 10 pin bowling each week so I need something to do with my hands as I watch.

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