Friday, 6 February 2009


Surprising how fast the week flew by.

block 2 applique

Today I ironed-on all the shapes for Block 2 of Red Delicious. I taped the pattern on my light box, taped the fabric on top & then it was easy to get everything exactly in place. I ironed it on the lightbox. I’ve marked in the stems & twiddly bits that attach the little balls to the petals, I will embroider them. I’ll put some lightweight iron-on pellon behind this before I start the embroidery.

block 1 applique

I made a start on Block 1 the other day. I will needle turn appliqué the birds bodies in place, the cloth, cherries & tail ‘balls’ are ironed-on ready for blanket stitch.
I will embroider the lines to the tail balls, cherry stems & the bird’s legs. I think I might give them stripes so they stand out against the cloth.


Rowan’s bus was due back from camp at 2.30. I rang the school info line at 1.45 to find they would be back at 4pm. It was hard to settle to anything so I ironed some of the piles of scraps I’d sorted last week. Good job done.

I was organised to go out to wait for the bus too. I packed up the monkey wrench block, my scissors & thread & headed out to arrive at 3.30pm. Feeling quite smug that I managed to get a spot in the shade I got out my sewing to find I’d forgotten to put in a needle. Duh!!!! Seriously though it was way too hot to sew. They arrived back at 10 past 4. Smelly, dirty, hungry & tired, it was a good week.
He did just as I said & put his wet towels in a plastic bag, pity his clothes were in the same bag.

smokey wyoming

I’ve got the 2nd load of washing in but I can’t hang it out as I came home to find the suburb absolutely blanketed in smoke. Yuck.
There’s actually a suburb & hills behind the smoke.

smokey tree

This is the view from my sewing room window. Though usually there’s no smoke. Note the magic tree in the neighbour’s garden. Everyday it is full of the most incredible range of birds. Cockatoos, kookaburras, galahs, rainbow lorikeets & loads more. If you look closely you’ll see some cockatoos sitting in it.



smokey sunset

A smokey sunset tonight.

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Ruftybear said...

It's smokey over here too. I think they said something about a bushfire around Catherine Bay, so maybe it's from that.