Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Tuesday was French day. Well it was in my sewing room. I even played my Piaf cd’s without any children on hand to moan & groan.

I started this bag a couple of months ago & it keeps getting put aside as I work on too many other projects. The pattern was in Magic Patch magazine late last year. I’ve made a few changes to the original design.

I started the day with a bag in 7 pieces. I was hoping to end the day with the bag in one piece & layered ready to quilt.

I laid the pieces out yesterday & decided I really needed to add something to the back panel, at this point it was just 8 windows. I cut out some freezer paper ‘bushes’, chose some great green bush fabric & tacked the first bush on ready to appliqué. Only problem was it looked like a blob or a big green rock. Not quite the look I was after. Even dh agreed it didn’t look good & he usually lies to save my feelings, so I knew it was really bad. :-)

This morning I browsed through some quilt books thinking I would find a good bush pattern. Funny they all looked like blobs or big green rocks, soooooooooooo I decided to simply add some more of the trees I’d appliquéd on the front. So three trees later I was ready to join up the pieces.



Here’s a close-up of the front.
The little mini quilt will be pegged on later.

I decided to use cotton batting & would you believe I actually had a piece big enough left over from another project & it was washed. I’m sure this bag will be washed in the future & I don’t want the batting shrinking.

tabitha layering

Just as well Tabitha was on hand to help with the layering. I’m not sure I would have managed without her.

So I now have my bag all ready for quilting. I would have taken more pics but the camera battery is on it’s last legs.

Tomorrow I’ll be working on my Red Delicious blocks.

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Julie said...

Thank goodness for Tabitha! She is such a trouper!