Thursday, 19 February 2009

Thursday’s Blocks

Yay!!!! The last of the blocks. I ended up making 6 more as Rowan loves the block he chose the fabrics for & asked if he could have it made into a quilt for his fave bear, Stanley. Not a problem.


Now I have to source some good quality homespun to sash & bind them with. I’m still thinking purple but I’ll lay them all out tomorrow & audition a range of colours. That should be fun but i know I’ll wish I had someone on hand to give a second opinion.

Anyone care to offer an opinion????? I must admit I think black would make the blocks pop but under the circumstances would not be appropriate.

I couldn’t help thinking about who might get the quilt. I decided I’d like it to go to a lady, my age or older, who loves to read & has cats who’ll like to curl up on the quilt with her. Lol.

Seriously I’d really like to think that whoever gets it will have fun looking at the different fabrics & will say things like, ‘Oh I love that fabric, but that one’s awful!!!!’. 

Who knows, all the quilts that are being made & given might inspire some of the recipients to take up quilting. That would be a good outcome.

Time for tea & I might even watch some tele tonight. I really need to catch up on Corrie (Coronation Street.)

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