Monday, 16 February 2009

More Blocks

Back to the machine & I managed to make 11 blocks today.
Mind you I had some help with these. Dh offered to help so he ironed the strips back after each row which really sped things up & saved me being up & down like a yoyo. I work on 3 blocks at a time so I can chain piece. I asked Paul to choose the strips for some blocks & the look I got was somewhere between bewilderment & terror. He needed a few pointers to begin with, & we’ve always had a difference of opinion over blue & green, but I think he must have been listening because by the end of the day he was questioning whether I had enough variation in the tonal value of a block I was working on. I have to say his choices made into some of the nicest blocks of the day. Now if I could just nurture this interest we might have another quilter in the family!!!


I have another stack of blocks all ready to sew so I’ll get on with it!!!

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