Sunday, 27 March 2011


While checking out one my fave blogs this morning I saw the heading ‘Do You Procrastinate?’ Lol, procrastination is my middle name!!!!

This was the comment I posted on Carole’s blog:

‘Me too, hands waving in the air. I've lost track of the number of projects I have on the go. In fact I should be working on a particular project right now but it's so nice to sit with a cup of tea & browse my fave blogs. :-) I find my procrastination often stems from 'having to make a decision' on the project I'm working on. So rather than bite the bullet & make the decision I start tidying or vacuuming or blog surfing...... I made a gift for a friend's birthday last week & still just have to post it, but of course I'm waiting for a sunny day to photograph it first. & so it goes on. I'd love to change, I've tried to change, but I think I simply have the procrastination gene & I have to accept it.’

I will never stop procrastinating but I could really push myself harder because hand in hand with procrastination is guilt. A really crappy soul destroying emotion that I’m also gold medal standard at.

So as far as unfinished, unstarted projects go I need to write a list of the things that I really need, & want to work on.

Right now I need to post the pressie I made for my friend Lynne. I need to make & post a pressie for my friend Pinky, I need to make & post Mum’s Mother’s Day pressie so it’s there in time for Mother’s Day. I plan on making this for her.

I just love it, Mum has been a tea addict for as long as I can remember & she still makes real tea in a teapot. I used to tease her about her love of tea but guess what, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree & I’m now a tea addict too. I’ve even bought a teapot at the op shop so I know what size to make it.

I’m currently working on the Tis the Season Stitch-a-long but rather than just do it in red & white I decided to throw in other colours.

fabrics & threads

Now of course I’m dithering around unable to decide on borders for the blocks. Luckily Emma was here yesterday so I asked her opinion. She came up with a whole new layout idea for the blocks so I will go with her design. Today I will be making decisions on borders & I will be sewing them onto the blocks!!!

Next I think I’ll take some pics of my ufo’s & put them down the side of my blog so I’m reminded & hopefully motivated to work on them. But of course I’ll have to wait for a sunny day to photograph them. :-)))


Karen 'n Chris said...

I so understand the procrastination thing. One of my favourite sayings is "Put off until tomorrow what you cant decide on today".
Love the tea cozy too. Wish I had it together enough to even think about starting it.
Waiting with you for the sunny day :))

Jenny said...

Me too! I don't actually have a middle name but if I did it would be "Procrastination". I blame my afliction on being a Libra, and unable to make up my mind. Shall I do this, or shall I do that? Are you a Libra too - which is the sign of the Scales of Justice, if you don't know.

carole brungar said...

I think we need to start a Procrastinators Club! LOL I'll do it tomorrow hahaha.
I am right on the cusp, libra/scorpio, wonder if there is anything in that???