Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Well I’m a little slow sometimes & I’d had in my mind my next ‘mantle’ would be for St Pat’s Day, then it dawned on me Autumn!!! Luckily I worked it out a few days ago, so I had some thinking & making time.

I wrote that paragraph before I checked the pictures. I’m afraid my thinking, & some of my making time, was wasted because the mantle looked, bad, lol. It may have been popular with young children but wasn’t the look I was going for, so back to the drawing board. Mark 2 is an improvement but I’m not wrapt. I do like the Autumn leaf garland I made this afternoon, but it just needs………. something. I asked dh to get me some sticks, I thought a vase of bare sticks might look good. Yeah only the sticks he brought back were 4’ long & more like small trees. Even after trimming we gave up on them. So I’m treating it as a work in progress. I’m thinking some pine cones would look nice & I’ve seen some on the side of the road so I’ll get some tomorrow. I had a gorgeous big basketful but some things just couldn’t be brought as we tried to cut down from 3 truckloads to 2 when we moved down here.


The lovely owl dh gave me for our 31st anniversary last year. Dd Emma painted the cute chook.

autumn3autumn4f I hate waste so I cut all the felt scraps into leaves to scatter.

The picture at the back is a quilt I’d love to make. I have the pattern, so maybe one day.

I enjoy Autumn for all the beautiful changing leaves but I’ve never enjoyed the fact that it’s leading to Winter. However, having already spent our first Winter in Melbourne, & finding that although it’s a lot colder than the Central Coast, having central heating makes it a lot more comfortable. Not sitting in one room huddled over a heater for months is great!!! So no more Autumn blues, I’m looking forward to lot’s of knitting & crocheting over the coming months.

If you have any suggestions to improve the mantle please let me know!!! :-)))


Sweet Pea said...

Autumn is by far my most favourite season of the year. There is an ambiance that is unique to Autumn, I believe.
Some autumn toned tea-lights would look wonderful on your mantle piece. One year I placed tea-lights into some obsolete demitasse cups placed on saucers, when lit they are gorgeous. Of course porcelain is magic, but if not...the finer the china, the brighter the glow. Good luck and happy first of Autumn.

Ruftybear said...

I love the mantel!! ... I'm thinking a small pumpkin would look really nice Jan. I always think of pumpkins in Autumn for some reason. The colour would fit in perfectly :-)

Linda said...

A pumpkin - a real one - would look nice. Can you get those in Aus?

Jan Quigley said...

Thanks Sweat Pea I have some Autumnal tea lights & will light them tonight.
Yes it definitely needed a pumpkin so I bought a little one this afternoon. I wanted one of the cute little orange ones but they only had Jap or butternut. I went with Jap coz they are my fave to eat.
Yes Linda we do have pumpkins here, we just eat them differently to you. Here they are eaten with a baked dinner as a savoury dish rather than as a dessert. Now I have to admit I thought it was unusual to eat pumpkin pie with ice cream but when we had our Harry Potter Halloween Paul & I made pumpkin pasties & they were absolutely gorgeous. I now have a hard time eating pumpkin as a savoury dish!!!

VICKYFF said...

Well deserved! I really enjoy your blog and am impressed by your finds. Keep it up!
Sweet memories.
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Love Bears All Things said...

Good morning, Molly
I am visiting you from SAL.
I love your blog and your house and your decorations for the different seasons...I am going to try and do a mug rug using your tutorial.
Mama Bear