Friday, 25 March 2011

Rowan’s Home!!!!

9 days away at camp is about 7 days too many!!!!!

All of Rowan’s Year 9 group went to the Snowy River National Park for their main yearly camp. It’s about 5 hours north east of us. They hiked & canoed through torrential rain for the last few days. off to camp 2011 3off to camp 2011 2

As you can see it was still dark when they left.

home from camp 2011home from camp 2011 3 He is very happy to be home again, & we are very happy to have him home. :-)))))

Most of his stuff was wet & very smelly!!! so it’s all in the washing machine now.

Paul & I were busy while he was away but I’ll blog about that another day.

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