Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Emma came down on Sunday so we took a drive down to check out the Baxter Country Fair. We arrived mid afternoon but still had some lucky finds. There was a huge fruit & vegie stall where we bought some yummy stuff.

Next a used book stall where I found this!!

jane austin

All 7 novels in 1. 1336 pages of sheer pleasure. I only had 3 novels as I’d only just discovered the attraction of Jane Austen last year.

Rowan picked up a couple of old LP’s & was very pleased with himself. I suggested we check out a nearby Antique store where he might find more. Rowan’s not keen on Antique shops, & I love them, so it was nice he actually wanted to go. He found a few more LP’s & I found this stunning tablecloth.tablecloth It’s huge as you can see.
tablecloth2 With drawn thread work & insertion lace.tablecloth3Beautiful appliqué sprays of roses.tablecloth4 This spray of roses & insertion lace is on each corner near the hem.tablecloth6

Plus a soft pink appliqué border. All hand made!!!! Oh & in case you’re wondering how much it cost, I know I would be if it was on someone else’s blog, it was $24. Can you believe it!!!!!


Jenny said...

Oh you lucky thing - a beautiful table cloth and Mr Darcy too!! I know you will be enjoying your purchases.

Pia said...

What lovely things you've found.