Thursday, 26 May 2011

All Finished, All Good

Home from the colonoscopy, HUGE sigh of relief to have it over. I hadn’t been to this facility before but I have to say they were very nice & professional. I didn’t take anything to do, as I thought I would pretty much go straight in, but they were running late so I sat & twiddled my thumbs for a while. Once the process started it was all good & fast. I told the anaesthesiologist I had a rotten headache & he put a drip in to rehydrate me, which was very nice of him. I remember the needle going in with the sedative but not coming out, lol.

I got a report as I left, 1 small, 3mm, polyp removed, results next week. & the best part, I don’t need another colonoscopy for 5 years. YAY!!!!!!

I waited for Paul to come pick me up & a young girl, I say girl but she told me she’s 41, rushed over & sat next to me. Basically she was terrified & wanted some reassurance which I was happy to give. We sat & talked for about 20 mins, long after Paul arrived & I think she felt a bit better. She gave me a big hug as I left so I hope I helped. I hope her test went well.

I don’t like posting without pics, but don’t panic I won’t show you the colour photos they gave me of my colon lol, but something much nicer.

Here’s Molly getting her last clip, she’s due for another. Zaphod had to supervise the whole exercise & enjoyed grabbing the hair as it blew away. Molly quite enjoys being clipped, but she doesn’t like me scissoring around her toes as she’s ticklish.



Jenny said...

So pleased everything went well for you. It can be very scary, especially as you say you have a family history. Now you don't have to worry about it for another 5 years.

Sweet Pea said...

Glad to hear all went well! Love your furry friend pics!