Saturday, 7 May 2011

April Books & a Busy Week


I did quite a bit of reading in April which meant some very late nights. I only read when I go to bed & if it’s a real page turner it makes for a very late night. All but the Muriel Spark were picked up in op shops. I was going to say, I wish I’d thought of buying books there years ago, but probably it’s better I didn’t or it would have meant yet another truckload when we moved down last year!!!

They were all very good, but I especially loved ‘The Shifting Fog’ by Kate Morton.

Busy Week

Once I finished the miniature street party scene it was back to finishing off the pressies I was making for Mother’s Day so I could post them. This will be the first time in 50 years I won’t be spending Mother’s Day with Mum. It’s a bit hard to now we live 1000kms away, on the up side, this will be the first Mother’s Day in 8 years I’ll spend with dd Emma .

Mum had cataract surgery this week & the surgeon is pleased with how it went. It will be a while before Mum can tell if it’s made an improvement. She also has Macular Degeneration & this was her ‘worst’ eye. She will have the other one done next month. I posted her pressies off Tuesday afternoon & then it was time to get stuck into cleaning up the disaster area being creative makes.

Wednesday I woke up actually looking forward to getting all the bits & bobs sorted & put away so I could start on the next pressie, then I stretched, big mistake. I managed to pull a muscle in my upper back. OUCH! Extreme pain in my back, up my neck into my head & down the back of both arms, oh joy!!! As if I don’t have enough pain with the Fibromyalgia. :-( Heat packs & Panadol, & the pain had eased off by night so I tidied the sewing room. Woke up Thursday & it was bad again, more Panadol & I could do some cleaning. Friday I did the smart thing & googled ‘pulled muscle upper back,’ I had to laugh as it referred to all sort of exercise & sports induced injuries rather than an injury caused by stretching in bed, lol. Ice they said, why didn’t I think of that???? So I grabbed the ice pack & used it on & off through the day, it really helped, that’s why I’ve got it back on now.

 rowan scarfemma scarf

I didn’t waste my time though, I finished knitting a scarf for Emma, knitted one for Rowan & did some of my Tis the Season stitchery. Hopefully my back will be ok by Monday so I can get stuck into the next pressie which is a BIG project.

BTW the scarves are knitted with Snowball Yarn from Lincraft. I tried similiar yarn from other shops but this is by far the best. The scarves are so quick & easy to make, just 10 stitches per row on 4mm needles. You knit 2 stitches between each pom pom & before you know it you have a scarf. These scarves were done with 2 balls, but one ball makes a nice scarf too that just crosses over in front, rather than wrapping around.

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Sweet Pea said...

Hi Jan, sorry to hear about your back! Hope you're on the mend real soon.
I stopped buying books a few years ago, after I reduced my 'library' by half at a garage sale. In no time My collection was back to its original size so then I vowed to borrow my reading material from the local library in an effort to reduce my spending on books. It has worked to some extent! (My library continues to grow.) LOL!
I'm afraid there are some books I will NEVER part with.
Hope you enjoy your Mother's Day!