Monday, 30 May 2011

It had to happen

I had to go back & check out the cheap bookshop again. This time was much better as it wasn’t crowded & I was able to have a really good look. Mind you my knees weren’t overly impressed with all the bending & crouching that had to be done to look at all the interesting books. Getting old sucks, but the alternative is far worse…….

Do you ever scan a shelf of books & have the horrible feeling that you’re passing by the most wonderful book in the world??? Just what is it that makes you pick up a book & read the blurb? For me it’s the picture on the cover, then I check the author. The title isn’t overly important, often it gives no clue to the plot of the book, so I bypass it. I quickly scan the blurb & if it seems interesting I read it properly. As to plot, I do love a good murder mystery, I also like books set in wartime England, as several of these books are.

I don’t mind a bit of romance but I need there to be more happening than that. Some of these are romances I guess but it’s the era they’re set in that interests me. I’ve never read a Mills & Boon & I never will, just not my thing.

I love really big, fat books, you can really get into them. Best of all you can lose yourself in a book, if life’s a bit sucky you can stick your head in a book & blot it all out. I also sleep better if I read last thing at night, I tend to think about the book as I’m dozing rather than going over & over something negative as I have a habit of doing.

I’ve thought about the electronic readers & they would be good if I travelled, but given the fact that I’m at home, there’s nothing nicer than the feeling of a book in your hands. Sometimes I need to flip back to check something I’ve read & I think that would be trickier on a reader.

Anyway here’s today’s treasures……………


& this one caught my eye just as I was leaving. Who wouldn’t want to be ‘Gorgeously Green’, mind you not if it meant I was Kermit the frog!!!!

I now officially have enough books, & enough craft projects to keep me going for some time, so I’m planning on hibernating. Smile


Linda said...

What an assortment of titles! I'm a reader too - though perhaps listening to a book on an Ipod doesn't count as "reading." I haven't read a single one of those titles, so please do let us know which is your favorite. I'm always looking for a good book... like "Firefly Summer" by Maeve Binchy. Or "Juliet" by Anne Fortier.

Rebecca said...

No time to read right now but they do look interesting!
Wishing you a great Memorial Day
Blessings from this great nation of ours

suzitee said...

Hi Jan! Thanks so much for visiting me :) Looks like your days will be filled with lots of reading...what a bargain!