Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Mother’s Day Gifts

I realised I hadn’t posted pics of the things I made Mum for Mother’s day so here they are.

Mum loves dolls & golliwogs & when I saw some on a stall I thought what a perfect gift for Mum. Of course I also heard her voice in my head saying, ‘You could make that.’ Lol it was a running gag in our house whenever we’d see something we liked Mum would say, ‘I could make that’ & sure enough she could & did. Luckily I inherited the ‘make it’ gene.


I actually had the pattern for the doll. I’d bought it years ago & never used it. Mind you I will never use it again, it would have to be the worst pattern I’ve ever used!!!! Thanks god my basic drafting skills from high school 30+ years ago came back to me & I was able to sort it.

The little golliwog is actually adapted from a gnome pattern. I simply changed the colours, added hair instead of a pointy hat, a felt mouth & some ‘noisy’ eyes. When my 2 oldest kids were young I made them both a fabric goose. I asked them what eyes they would like & Simon said, ‘Not the noisy eyes.’ Took me a while to work out he meant jiggle eyes, as opposed to non-jiggle, which of course were ‘quiet eyes.

doll & golliwogdoll, golly & scarf

Now I realise that these aren’t considered ‘politically correct’ to some people, but I figure my Mum is 81, she loves them & is probably beyond being corrupted, lol.

She tells me they are good company, they sit on the lounge with her. She said they don’t talk much but like watching tv. No she hasn’t lost the plot she just has a good sense of fun & just like me she quickly bonds to dolls, teddies & the like.

I also knitted her a blue snowball scarf. Mum is a very prolific knitter & crocherer but it’s always for friends, family or charity & never for her.

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Julie said...

Lovely post Jan, your mother is very fortunate to have such a caring daughter as you!