Sunday, 15 May 2011

I’m a Bag Lady & I’m Having a Whinge. :-)

I’ve been buying & making bags forever & have quite a collection, the problem has been how to store them all. I’ve been using a hat stand the past few years, which is good, but only holds a selection.

Browsing the Aldi catalogue the other day, as you do, I spotted these yummy cube shelves.


I have a large set in my sewing room & I just love them so when I spotted these at Aldi. I was racking my brains to work out
a) where I could fit a set
b) what I’d put in them

I worked out I could fit a set in the storage area under the stairs. Now Harry (Potter) has his own room it’s used for storage. clip_image004

Then I had the brainwave I could put my bags in them, well some of my bags. I sort my bags into Summer & Winter so hopefully I could fit 1 season in them.



Here they are, all packed up ready to slide in under the stairs. I managed to fit 2 bags in some cubes. I couldn’t fit all my Winter bags in, but I put all my favourites in here & doubt I’d use the others. I’ll put the one I’m using on top. I packed all the Summer bags away as I’m sure Winter is here with the temps we’ve had this past week. A top of 7C on Wednesday, brrrrr!!!!

I didn’t stop there, I moved all my Summer clothes upstairs to the spare wardrobes & brought down all the Winter ones. I also sorted my hats & scarves & they look great on the hat stand.

Now the Whinge

Weight gain cause by my Fibromyalgia medication mean a lot of my stuff doesn’t fit. I’ve looked in the shops but still haven’t found a pair of trousers/jeans that actually come up to my hips. I don’t have one of those tattoos above my butt & have no intention of getting one, I also don’t plan on wearing a thong, so I don’t need trousers that barely cover my bum! I want some that come up high enough to keep my lower back covered & warm. Is that too much to ask??? As for finding the right size!!! in Australia, where there are no ‘size guidelines, it’s a lottery. Every shop you walk into is a whole new set of sizes. They may say 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 etc but a 10 in one shop, is a 14 in another. Oh but then we have the small, medium, large, ex-large system, which is just as unreliable. I have clothes in my wardrobe 8, 9 (jeans), 12, 14 & 16 & they all fit. I’m a size 9 jeans at Rivers but a 12 at Target. I also range from small to ex-large. Gone are the days when you could buy anything without trying it on. You find something you like, then you have to take it in 3 sizes in the hope one will fit. Oh & what’s with the skinny arms! A 12 body fits but you need a 14 or 16 so the sleeves fit.

So is it just me with the weirdest figure in the world or are others having the same issues???


Julie said...

I feel your pain Jan, my personal solution is to take the scissors to the tags the very moment I get them home, that way the size is irrelevant, it doesn't help the inconvenience of trying on 3 different sizes in the shop before you buy however!

Love Bears All Things said...

I like the idea of the cubby hole for bags. I've narrowed my collection down and just hang them on coat hangers in a section of my closet.
I can sympathize about the clothes...what happened to short sleeves, now they barely cover your shoulder and are more like sleeveless. I prefer my upper arms covered so I wear 3/4 sleeves most of the summer...and everyone should wear slacks that come up to their natural waist at least....
Mama Bear

Lindi said...

I have the same fitting problems. I do like the jeans selection in the Ezibuy catalogues, though, and have found a pair that fit and suit me quite well. Fortunately, they aren't seasonal, but have appeared in the catalogue for a few years now.
Love your bag storage idea. If only I had some where to put a couple of those units, it might solve my bag storage problem. Add a couple more units, and my shoes would have somewhere, too. lol